Philip Nortjé has worked as a Landscape Architect since 1982. His work on three continents over this period has given him the opportunity to develop skills in many different categories of landscape architectural design and environmental planning. This all round experience gives him a broader perspective of the natural and built environment that he successfully applies to his more detail based projects.

PNLAdesign provides a complete range of Landscape Architectural services but specializes in the detail design and planning of private gardens and estates as well as public open spaces.

Through a cooperative design process with other independant Architects, Planners and other Specialists and Consultants, PNLAdesign also acts as lead Designer or Project Manager and liaison on many urban, commercial or institutional design projects.

The company works from an office on the stunningly beautiful St. Margarets Bay on the mostly un-spoilt south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. This location is very much in harmony with the long term philosophy of Philip Nortjé of making the existing natural environment an integral part of the design process.

All projects undergo an initial land use feasibility assessment or site analysis. A detail inventory of natural and built features is prepared prior to establishing a final work program. All client requirements are documented through initial meetings. The company then proceeds and produces all required documentation and project management services: initial concepts (alternative concepts and final concepts), preliminary and final cost estimates, site plans, layout, grading and planting plans, contract documents (working drawings and specifications) as well as construction supervision. The company also strongly believes in follow-up and therefore recommends and prepares long -term maintenance programs if needed.

PNLAdesign gives great importance to a client's budget. Philip Nortjé believes in respecting a project budget and that through creative design and experience no budget should be compromised from the design and planning perspective.

The company places great emphasis on dedicated attention to the client. To ensure this commitment, it is guaranteed that the client, contractor, etc. will always be able to get in touch directly and immediately with of the "person in charge" be it through E-mail, regular telephone, cellular telephone or fax.