I believe your home garden is something very personal and private. It is not unlike your bedroom. It is a space where you relax after a day or a year of hard work. I therefore believe it is important that I give you what you want, not something that I may assume is either in vogue or is a personal monument to my design skills.

My satisfaction comes from working with the client, seeing the client satisfied at the end of the day and a garden growing and appreciated. Planning, building and maintaining a garden is a detailed process involving artistic and technical skills and scientific knowledge. Design Process

As your Designer it is my task to ensure that I:

  • Understand your needs.
  • Assist you with the creative and artistic, scientific and technical expertise required to develop a garden that will grow, change and age to and with perfection.

And last but certainly not the least;

  • Respect your budget.

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Public Open Spaces are multi-use spaces, functioning as outdoor theatres, markets, waterfronts, venues for public events, memorial parks and cemeteries, public parks, city squares, courts and streets. It may also be refuges and retreats in the urban and city landscape.

All these spaces are managed, owned and operated either publicly or privately. PNLAdesign understands the design and planning processes of both these groups. Design Process

PNLAdesign believes Public Open Spaces are gardens as well only, they are public gardens. Through PNLAdesign's extensive experience in the planning and design of private gardens and environmental planning, we have a good understanding of the need for these refuges and multi-use spaces within the urban fabric. We have the expertise to design and develop these spaces.

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The focus of PNLAdesign is the harmonious blend of Development, Landscape and Community.

This is achieved through:

  • A comprehensive biophysical, visual and suitability analysis.
  • Extensive public consultation and involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

Successful Planning is a team effort. Each Environmental Design project has different requirements. For each project PNLAdesign will assemble a tailor-made team of similar independent specialists and consultants (i.e. botanists, hydrologists, engineers, historians, etc) to work together in a co-operative manner. Design Process

This "temporary team of expertise" is beneficial to the client because:

  • It reduces costs - There is no need for the client to pay the associated overhead fees of larger specialist consulting firms.
  • It provides the client with only the required specialists needed for the project.
  • It puts project management and administration all "under one roof"

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